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Custom Flags and Banners

Custom Design

A custom flag or banner is a reflection of the identity or image you and your company want to be portrayed to others. The Flag Lady Corporation has been helping our clients to accomplish this for over 33 years and we would be honored to help you achieve the identity or image you want on your flag or banner.

We can help you to design the image, make suggestions as to color, material, construction methods, or just follow your lead. We offer a complete spectrum of design services to fit your budget or implementation needs.

So just what do you need to give us to produce your custom flag? There are several items to consider. Here are the areas that you need to address and information that we need to properly quote the production of your flag or banner.

  1. How many flags do you want; 1, 2, 6, 12, 100?? This helps us to advise you on the best, most economical method of constructing the flag(s), be it all sewn (applique), print, etc. and type of material such as Nylon, Dacron, Sunbrella, Poplin, etc.
  2. What size do you want the flag/banner to be. Will it be flown with other flags? Remember, it cannot be larger the US flag. And if it is on a pole with another flag, it should be at least one size smaller that the flag above it.
  3. What shape do you want: rectangle, pennant, burgee, tapered burgee, etc.
  4. What will be the background color of the flag/banner.
  5. What is the image or copy that you want on the flag/banner? Do you have a .jpg file of the copy? Is it all text and do you know what font it is or want ? We can work with anything even a sketch on a napkin, but just remember that if you can provide us with a .AI or .EPS vector graphic digital file, you will save on artwork charges.
  6. How will the flag be displayed? Will it be on a outdoor flagpole, on a indoor display pole, hanging on the wall, or hanging from a ceiling? This tells us how we have to finish the flag/banner.
  7. How do you want the image / copy to be seen? There are 3 views:
    1. SINGLE CONSTRUCTION - correct on front side / blank on back side.
    2. SINGLE CONSTRUCTION – correct image on the front / reversed image on back.
    3. DOUBLE CONSTRUCTION - correct image on both the front AND back side.

Once we have this information, we will provide you with any recommended changes, if any, and a specific quotation to make your flag or banner.

Use this form as a checklist when designing your flag or banner.

Print it out, fill it in, and fax it back to us at 847-895-3191.

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Specific Flag & Banner Cost Considerations

  1. Print set-up charges – are based on the number of colors, to be printed, the percentage of ink /dye coverage on the flag/banner, the concentration of color (half-tones, etc) and so on.
  2. Artwork- we require vector digital graphics artwork (AI, .EPS, .CDR, etc file types) to produce your flag/banner. If you cannot supply this, we can convert what ever you can give us from a sketch on a napkin to .JPG files, etc. However there will be a artwork labor charge to do this.
  3. We will not charge a set-up charge for any re-order WITHIN 2 years of the previous order’s invoice date for the same size, colors, image, and exact construction of the previous order.
  4. Any re-order made after 2 years and by no later than 3 years of the original order’s invoice date will have a reactivation charge of 50% of the then current set-up charge. After 3 years, a full set-up charge will be assessed.
  5. Double construction flags - These flags require that 2 identical flags be made, the placed back to back with an opaque inner liner place in-between and all three pieces sewn together. The liner prevents the images “showing” through to the other side.
  6. Quantity Variations – To assure that we produce the quality expected of your printed flag/banner, there may be a slight variation of the flag/banners produced: +/-10%, Orders are accepted by only on the condition that the final invoice will reflect the actual quantity of flag/banners delivered AND the customer agrees to accept and pay for the invoiced total.

We will hold any pattern for a period of 3 years. Full charges for new patterns / set-ups will be made for any re-order after 3 years.

Charges made for patterns, screens, etc are part of the purchase price of the goods and do not convey ownership to the buyer. All patterns, screens, etc remain the property of the seller, unless agreed by seller in writing.

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